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We offer you Urania's free service: drawing astrological chart on-line.

By inserting a few lines of code on any page of your website, you can attract many visitors with a service which will bring them back again and again.

Our service can be used in two ways:

  • drawing the chart with data dialogue
    visitors using this service can enter their data (date, time and place of birth) and draw natal charts, by choosing any of the available house systems; they can also draw transit charts and make them auto-refreshing at a set interval;
  • drawing an auto-refreshing transit chart
    this simple astrological chart service is designed for webmasters who do not wish to clatter their pages with the dialogue form.

You can try our astrological service without registration! Simply click on the link above and follow the instructions. The un-registered service will work on your website for 30 days. After this it will require FREE registration.

For registration, visit the Registration Form page and fill the registration form there. Within 1-2 days you will receive a unique User ID for our on-line services. To convert the astrological service into the registered mode, please, change the guest ID "guest" of the HTML-code to your registered user ID (e.g., u0044).

A few useful comments for those who use Urania's free service:

a) Astrological service will not work on your local computer. The service will work only when you place the chart page on your webserver and view it with a browser according to HTTP-protocol.

b) With the free service, only one chart per page can be drawn. For drawing several charts on one webpage, for visualization of astrological data bases, etc., please, see the commercial service version.

c) The code which you insert will work correctly with MSIE and NS when javascripts and cookies are turned on. Statistics of any website shows that such visitors make up about 97% of visitors. If you would like to avoid such restrictions, please, see the commercial service version, which will work correctly with any browser showing usual images.

If you experience any problems with Urania's free service, contact us by e-mail, and we shall help you!

Your offers of use of astrological on-line services in commercial projects are welcome. We are also ready to help you in advertising and promoting your projects in the Internet.

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